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I bet you could guess if you really gave it your all…

And once it is there my friends, sex is a beautiful thing. We’re all at an age where we should know how to not have sex, but just in case I’ll give you my version to help you out.

Snot nosed, sticky fingered children are most definitely the best form of birth control.

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I just moved in.” He returned the greeting in a quiet manner, so I thought he was polite, and I got a good first impression from him.

After that first meeting, I gradually noticed that day by day he started leaving the apartment at the same time I did, and after a few months he was leaving at the same time as me for half the week.

One of our Japan-language reporters, Mai, has firsthand experience of being stalked recently, and in order to help protect others she has now decided to share her story with our readers.

While she’s comfortable speaking about it now, at the time it was frightening, so she hopes that this cautionary tale can help at least one other person from suffering the same way she did.

My neighbour held the plushie out to me with a smile and said, “It fell”.

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