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One user, who claimed to be a teenager, asked, “Do you like dominant guys? “A 17-year-old doesn’t talk like that, so we kind of know right away that that isn’t true,” he said.“A lot of times, they’ll pretend that they’re younger people just to get involved.” The chat rooms were swarming with activity at a time when most teens are in school.

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One of the terms often used to describe efforts like that is “sextortion,” though, in many jurisdictions, that’s not an official or legal term.

At times, police can get six or seven reports of these types of extortion cases each week, the detective said.

As the detective monitored the chat room, a smartphone occasionally buzzed — messages from a man who had spent the past few days trying to get illicit pictures from what he thought was a teen girl.

The conversation started with creepy and suggestive comments “about how he likes innocence,” the detective said, scrolling through some of the messages.

As it kept going, “I did exactly what any kid would say and said, ‘You’re being really annoying right now.’ And he got upset about that and said, ‘Do you want to see annoying?

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