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You mentioned that in your depiction of Celeste’s pop star milieu, you felt like you couldn’t go far enough.

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The film is no more or less cynical than the time that we’re living in.

The character does ultimately reveal herself in the second half of the movie to be extremely vulnerable, even if she has behaved poorly.

People have more context for what the film is now, and context seems to help viewers a lot with how to watch it.

The truth is that if you tie yourself to every single person’s reaction, whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, they would just pull you apart. Whenever someone likes the film, it’s great, but it’s also easy to understand why someone wouldn’t. I never started off with the desire to tell the rise-and-fall story of a pop star, male or female.

Such was the case when I sat down with actor-turned-filmmaker Brady Corbet, the man behind one of my favorite movies of the year, .

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