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Uncover the Journey Experience the legendary wonders of the world like never before on a brand-new journey of discovery, from dynamic Mexico City and historic Athens to remote Easter Island and the Lost City of Petra.

Uncover the Journey Continuously reimagining luxury air travel, we’re proud to introduce the new Four Seasons Private Jet, a fully redesigned aircraft that celebrates the bygone glamour of air travel coupled with a modern, thoughtful design.

No matter which adventure you choose, every moment will be tailored exclusively for you.

Celebrate the launch of our new Private Jet on an inaugural journey spanning the wilds of the Serengeti and Rwanda, the lively urban spirit of Bangkok and Dubai, and the tranquility of the Seychelles, plus an exclusive stop in Angkor Wat.

Exclusively serving the private jet industry, Private Jet is an industry-first job website that connects pilots and flight attendants to employers worldwide by providing relevant, real-time job matches.

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