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I was there in the 70's working at JR's steakhouse just down the boardwalk. The stairs came right up behind them so the sight that greeted me was 6 beautiful behinds. Where the Beachcomber is now there was a food stand. But it certainly brought back some very fond memories.

Sad to watch the fire last night destroy what Sandy didn't including Funtown. The fire of 1955 took the building and the family moved it to Du Pont Ave next to the arcade where you are referring to with all the great band!

The Chatterbox was on the street side and the door was angled 45 degrees to the boards. Please tell him Joan said hello and hopefully he’ll remember me. I remember seeing the knockouts when I was ten years old at the parrot club on a sunday afternoon with my mom and grandmother,the blue boys with their blue tinted hair played too.

Right next to the Casino Pier arcade ( north, ocean side ) was The Parrot Club. the knockouts were great doing the song I got my mojo released an album which I am still trying to find after all these years.

Frankie Valli played the Parrot because it was a larger bar. When you heard Mule Skinner Blues, that was coming from the Beachcomber. Phil Humphrey & The Fenderman were the Beachcomber's bar band for several years back in the 1960s. Also, met my present partner there back in the summer of 1985. Any pictures that someone could post of the inside of the bar or bands playing?

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