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We went to a dive bar, got a shot, beer and kept on chatting. I was dating this one girl, and then I hooked up with this other hot girl and she left a bunch of hickeys on my neck. Then one of them started talking about having kids and stuff. So basically, I realized the other guy was way better for me. A few months in, I met this gorgeous brunette who just got me going in ways I never knew possible. She was super mad at me, but we kept hooking up for a few months after that. a total player right now, it doesn't mean they can't change.

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Yeah, that is one of the worst lies I've ever told. I was dating my girlfriend and also hooking up with the girl down the street. A bunch of my friends spilled the beans that I had a girlfriend. In the past, I've done that, and I never felt guilty. When you're really committed to someone, you make the conscious decision not to lie or do sketchy stuff.

He rolled up onto the hood, more out of instinct that anything else, he said. “I definitely inadvertently ruined this one date I went on.

So I talked about it for a while and she starts crying.

It turned out her mom had just passed away and I wound up taking her home.

The silver lining here is that we’re actually still dating now and it’s going on two years, but at the time I felt awful.

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