Consolidating 2 itunes libraries

The steps below will display how to make i Tunes consolidate files easily.Select the "Advanced" pane on the Preference menu On the "Advanced" pane, you can click on the "Keep i Tunes Music Folder Organized" and "Copy Files to i Tunes Media folder when adding to library" option.It means that i Tunes will access to every song if they are stored on your computer.

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In this step, you should make a check-mark in the box next to each option. Open i Tunes and click "File" You should open i Tunes and point to "File" pulldown menu from your i Tunes dock.

Here, if you can't find the "File", you can click "Show Menu Bar", which will display a more complete menu bar in your i Tunes. Select "Consolidate Library" From the newly-opened "Organized Library" window, you will see two options "Consolidate files" and "Reorganize files in the folder i Tunes Media". Click OK After clicking OK, you have just made i Tunes consolidate files in i Tunes library.

And switch to "Advanced" option and find i Tunes Media folder location.

Just copy sub folders from your Music folder on one computer to the corresponding folder path on the other computer.

If you try to delete duplicate thousands of i Tune songs one by one, there is an easy-to-use clean up tool called Tunes Clean. Don't worry, im Elfin Tunes Cleaner can add artwork, covers, etc to i Tunes in a safe and quick way.

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