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Cruel as this may be, there hasn’t been much done to prevent such practices.

A story broke loose late in 2013 that a Yemeni child only known by the name Rawan, age 8, suffered internal injuries on her wedding night and died due to intercourse.

The most interesting are vintage handmade garments with lots of colorful embroideries, intricate gold jewelry, pieces made by a unique Yemeni tie-dyeing technique, and traditional daggers that always complement the male costumes.

The first thing you should know about Yemen is that there are 3 main ethnical groups in this country: the mountain people (they live in the North Yemen), the coastal people (they live in the South and West Yemen), and the Bedouins.

Since then several activist groups have been appalled by the number of child marriages in Yemen and have been striving to put a ban on anyone being married that is under the age of 17.

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