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“It’s always good to use humor and most of all, project confidence.And look at is as a night to have fun and if you meet someone, that’s great.It can even plant the seed for a later dinner date if you bond over cusines or talk about some great food places. “You don’t want to get your clothes dirty,” Kornblum said. Bring a bib or be careful.” It’s okay to ask someone what they do for a living but you shouldn’t open with that question, says Nava Silton, assistant professor of psychology at Marymount Manhattan College.

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It’s not necessary to talk to 10 or more people, she says, rather you should try to zero in on three serious prospects to have a longer chat with.

Rejection is part of the game, the key is not to let it get to you, says JSwipe founder David Yarus.

Past relationships can easily come up, even in a first conversation, should you steer clear of talking about your exes?

“I think it depends on how you go about it,” says Leah Gottfried, who created and stars on the web-series “Soon By You” about modern orthodox dating on the Upper West Side.

“Since everyone is wearing white it can be hard,” Davis said.

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