Dating the wrong woman

It's courteous for both sides to be aware of the reality of the situation, and remember there’s a difference between generosity and showing off.Don’t let her take advantage of you …Unless you want her to - which is fine, but only if you have expectations of a very short relationship.Find out what are the signs you are dating the wrong girl.

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If you don’t make it an issue, chances are it won’t be.

If you really like her, just go with the flow and be yourself, regardless of whether “yourself” is a silly, dorky, immature 57-year old or a wise and mature 24.

Go through this list of common features that can be considered as signs you are dating the wrong girl.

This is another typical sign to indicate that you are dating the wrong girl.

You’ve been on this earth for longer, remember, and you should have learnt by now that you deserve someone who is more impressed by the size of your heart than your wallet.

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