Dating us dog tags

Tac Med CS and PIC These days dog owners are having microchips implanted in their dog’s necks that store an identification number that can be read with an external scanner.No doubt someday humans will have microchips implanted at birth that will allow them to be located and have the capacity to store massive amounts of information, including every detail of their miserable existence.

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By the end of the war, all tags were made from stainless steel.

They were suspended from the neck by a rope, a beaded chain or a stainless steel wire with a plastic cover.

They wrote their names on a piece of paper or a handkerchief and pinned it to their clothing before going into battle.

Some soldiers went to the trouble of carving small wooden discs with their names on them.

We’ll all be dead by then, but if our descendents aren’t careful, they’ll end up like dogs on an electronic leash.

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