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His father was a notary, but there was art in the family.

Two of Duchamp's elder brothers were successful artists: the painter Jacques Villon (1875–1963) and the sculptor Raymond Duchamp-Villon (1876–1918).

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Since this 2nd version was also “lost,” according to Duchamp, these 5 photographs by unknown photographers contain all we “know” about this Bicycle Wheel and Stool.

The results of our analysis, based upon the “factual” information provided by these photographs, confirms that, for each of the 5 photographs, each of its corresponding 3-dimensional reconstructions indicates not just one Bicycle Wheel and Stool, but a Bicycle Wheel and Stool in five distinctly different shapes.

Even a very old bicycle in 1916 would have had a curved fork.

As such items were not mass produced, easy to find, or accessible as readymade, a straight fork would have been difficult for Duchamp to find and build.

Both artists allude to eroticism and how we use metaphors to communicate our desires.

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