Epo not updating Av adult webcam online

It is not intended for bulk data retrieval and users are limited to ten search-related actions per minute.The service does not support automated searches (robots) and will deny access to any robots it identifies.

Can you expaned on your first sentance, as far as the steps and menus involved?

Is there a seperate step for downloading the update and then another for pushing it out to a specific group of users?

Ah, ok no problem From epo, click system tree and then my organisation On the right side, click tasks, then new system task Choose type new Task and Mcafee agent, then product update, then all products Work your way through that and come back to me with any questions Cheers Si I know this ticket was closed but I got busy with this project and was unable to get back sooner. First section shows how to push out software to an entire AD group and the second section shows how to push out an update to a single PC.

I ended up calling Mc Afee to have them walk me through the process. ------------------------------- EPO –Software Install (in this example it’s an AV version update) To push AV update to the entire network or an AD subgroup in the system tree(NOTE: First follow the software check-in procedure to register the software package with EPO that you will be working with and pushing out.

I help manage about 300 workstations running a mixture of Windows XP and 2000.

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