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Though it was easy and fast but there's something you should all know; Firstly, Always try to tell your partner all what you need, this may sound funny but believe me it isn't, why?

Before you meet someone for something casual or even if you searching for a date, you need to tell the person what you want to make them know what you really want from them.

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“They have a bill that’s gone up gradually over the past six months or a year or decade, and they haven’t been paying attention to it.”As a result, Trim has a chatbot that will talk to Comcast for you to negotiate your bill or ask for a one-time credit.2.

Clarity Now in beta for i OS with an Android version coming later in 2017, Clarity Money is a free app that tracks your daily spending and monitors your recurring charges.“It’s basically a single view of all your recurring charges,” says Adam Dell, founder and CEO.

(Fun fact: Adam is Michael Dell’s brother.) Users are asked if they want to cancel any of the recurring charges.

“Press the cancel button and a form pops up to fill out.”Dell says the app uses the information it’s already gathered from you and asks for any additional details it needs to cancel services, such as your video streaming subscription or your sock of the month club.“Whatever is possible to cancel immediately, we cancel immediately,” he says.

Hiatus Hiatus is available for i OS (it launched in summer 2016) and has a wait list for Android users.

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