Get guy you dating your boyfriend

A poster that has the top 100 movies is one way you both can get in on the present.

Watch these classics together and then literally scratch them off the list to reveal colorful squares.

It’s Christmas, so you’re getting him a Christmas card, no big deal. An i Tunes gift card We all have i Tunes gift cards from relatives too old to realize that Spotify is a thing now, so why not give him the $10 i Tunes card that’s been sitting in the back of your junk drawer so he can buy the new Sam Smith album?

When you give it to him, just be like, “I don’t buy music, so I figured maybe you can use it.” Low stakes, totally nonchalant, totally chill. Movie passes The great thing about movie passes is that he’ll probably use them next time you guys go out, so you’re basically just paying for your next date.

I mean, it was probably like $3 and you originally bought it for yourself, not for him, so it’s just a super laid-back gesture.

He’ll appreciate it, but at the same time not get weirded out at how thirsty you are.

Gourmet chef or no, everyone can get use out of this cool air fryer.

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