Grandstream phone not updating time

Abdel: Hello Brian, of course, always a pleasure to get to help out.Brian: Abdel just to get started let’s talk about the most common ways to update the firmware of your devices. Abdel: Definitely a good place to start, most people use the link “”.Sometimes if you have a very old firmware version you need to transition through certain firmware versions first before upgrading to the latest version.

grandstream phone not updating time-71

Brian: So let’s just mention GAPS real quick for those who don’t know, what exactly is GAPS and how is it used?

Abdel: Yes, so GAPS stands for Grandstream Auto-Provisioning Service.

The users basically point their devices towards this link when they are configuring their devices.

The devices will then download the firmware from this Grandstream firmware server path.

Brian: What can happen as a result of not transitioning the firmware? For some devices they’ll allow the firmware update to happen but it will start causing some issues. In this case they need to factory reset the devices.

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