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Fair, dusky or dark – be it any complexion, they pull it off like a boss.Sure, your mom will love her exactly because of this.Green card holders, most of them If your dream is to get settled abroad, get married to a Gujarati girl.

Statutory Warning: Everything said in this post is all in good humor. So my list making continues to an extent where I’ve started bitching about my own people. His shirt has all sorts of gross patterns stitched on them.

Yes, all of you are my own people cause I’m a human and you are humans and all that but Gujaratis are MY PEOPLE. In most probability the Gujju boy will be a vegetarian. He would either want to join the diamond market, start dealing in shares, open a small stationery/ general store shop or get into some chill job in the film industry. Flowers and ‘mehendi designs’ are all nicely embroidered on his wacky loud shirts.

If anyone is totally nailing this, they’re the Gujarati girls.

We don’t even want to start listing those Gujarati delicacies here.

To cut a long story short, they’ll always be ready for that extra piece of cake.

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