Healthly friendship prior to dating

This will help you discern how receptive your friend might be to your efforts.“The extent to which you’ve managed to stay in touch or how up-to-date you are on each other’s lives will likely dictate how you’ll go about rekindling your relationship,” she said.She also suggests identifying what variables, if any, have changed since your falling out.It is important for youth to be able to recognize signs of unhealthy relationships before they escalate.

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However, people who are looking to recapture a close friendship after some time apart don’t quite fit into this framework.

It can be disorienting to feel you’re back at square one with a person you already have a shared history with.

Maybe you’re in a more stable place in life and are confident you can be a better, more attentive friend this time around.

Thinking about the reasons you grew apart and how things might be different now can help you take the steps needed to rebuild a closer and longer lasting friendship, Ms. Important life changes — medical issues, relocations, having children, getting married, getting divorced — can influence a friend’s life in ways you may not predict.

Instead of making a grand entrance after years of radio silence, engage in small gestures with low stakes. Kirmayer suggests reaching out and offering congratulations on a milestone or accomplishment, or asking for a recommendation you know they’ll be happy to provide (“I heard you recently went to Paris. Also, if you haven’t seen this person in a long time, invite them to a group dinner or small party.

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