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We want them to be leaders but criticize them for being bossy. When it comes to raising confident girls, we may be giving them contradictory messages.Her daughter has weighed in on what she wears and which extracurricular activities she does since an early age.

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“And once she’s made up her mind, she needs to learn to deal with the consequences,” Malcolm says.

So if your daughter decides not to wear rain boots on a field trip, don’t go dropping them off at the first sign of drizzle.

“When I see my older daughter acting ‘bossy,’ I don’t slap a label on it,” says mother Sonia Giampietro.

Instead, she talks about better ways to communicate ideas and collaborate with others.

“It’s tough for girls to find the right balance between respecting and helping others, and being assertive about what they think and want,” says Malcolm.

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