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My father and my brother probably don't know, but if they find out, I wouldn’t be in big trouble.

They would just ask me: 'when will you two get married?

The majority of men who get into a relationship with you believe that what you two are doing is wrong, and thus would not consider marrying a girl they have been in a relationship with before marriage," Abeer says. "I got to know a young man and we would meet in public, but only our close friends knew about our relationship. There is a more conservative and religious class, especially the one with a tribal or fundamentalist background.

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Kuwaiti people are extremely generous with food when it comes to guests, so if you’re invited for a meal for your date then go on an empty stomach! In fact, Kuwaiti was the first Gulf country to grant scholarships for people studying arts.

If you find yourself chatting with Kuwaiti women or men about art then be sure to mention Mojeb al-Dousari!

Doing so will ensure that you enjoy Kuwaiti women & men dating as much as possible and also ensures that you impress on your first date!

When it comes to Kuwaiti women & men, food is important.

In sum, food, arts, religion and certain relationship traditions are all key parts of Kuwaiti culture.

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