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If we do that, however, the parameter value becomes useless -- binding to the "Is Checked" property only tells us that the checkbox is checked, not which enum flag it represents.Frankly, thinking about this approach gives me headaches. If I implement a backend field like this: _is Beheerder = iwt App.

listbox not updating when datasource changes wpf-33

This has many benefits - for example, if the UI is being virtualized, then only the items that have been created will be converted.

And if the position changes WPF takes care of updating the string.

Try Set Member() is more interesting because it needs to handle a few special cases: Model Enum Property implements INotify Property Changed, but as we will see later, the actual property names aren't used.

Try Convert() is more complicated than necessary because, in addition to allowing conversion to the enum type, it also allows conversion to the underlying integer type of the enum (but not arbitrary integer types). Finally, there's a little static helper class: This binds a delegate straight to the event so we can initialize the property in one go, because we will always want to notify the parent of changes (anything binding directly to the enum property rather than its members should get property change notifications as well).

In this case, you should probably find another way of representing these choices, like two listboxes (one representing the items that are not present, the other the items that are present, with buttons between them for transferring them).

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