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Or that a woman refusing your kiss doesn’t have to be a bad thing?Neil Strauss’ Stylelife Academy offers effective and concrete strategies on these and many other topics. Handle Last Minute Tension For centuries, society has told women to tame or ignore their sexuality.The pimp costume is so popular because it’s the opposite of how most men feel around women.

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But the point here is that there should be a method to what you’re doing with women. While men are applauded for their sexual conquests, women are expected to remain virtuous and chaste.

If you find yourself scared and nervous and unable to make a move, it’s because you don’t have a technique. So “last minute tension” may appear where a woman fears what her friends might think if she leaves the bar with you or if she goes outside with you.

He then launched Stylelife Academy to teach thousands of men how to mack like the most confident pimp, golden chalice not necessary.

If you find yourself getting rooted in place, unable to act when the moment is right, keep the following strategies in mind: 1.

Whereas if you ignore all physical contact for six hours and then amateurishly lunge for a kiss at the end of the night, you’ll seem clumsy and awkward. Kiss Closes There are tons of strategies for getting a kiss and having other adventures.

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