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, RLE to Wedgwood - Jebb's opinion coincides with that of Darwin and Heberden - 3rd vol.

, RLE to ME from Bristol - Mrs Day and ME's visit to London - Mrs Hoare's kindness [?

invitation] - Lovell E - European health resorts - 'I am glad to hear that you are inclined to increase our two volumes' - clock for Dr Darwin - estate affairs 80.

DETAILED LISTING REEL 1 Calendar of Edgeworth MSS, 1724-1817 in the National Library of Ireland 92 folios. Seward to RLE - reply to announcement of birth of Honora E 7. 30 March 1776, 'Mary' E to Mrs Honora E from Derby [ME was occasionally known as Mary] - school days (enclosed in a letter from Mrs Latuffière about school holidays) 10A. [], Mrs Honora E to ME at school (from Beighterton) 15.

This is a detailed listing covering MS 10166-7 (1-1409). Edgeworth MSS, 1724-1817, in the National Library of Ireland MS 10166/7 (10 Boxes of material) Letters of Maria Edgeworth, Richard Lovell Edgeworth and other members of the Edgeworth family, mainly to relatives (many members of the Ruxton family), with related papers. 18 June 1772, Part of a copy of a note by Paul Elers (RLE's father-in-law) on his family history 3. Mrs Honora E to Mrs Ruxton - establishment at Northchurch, Berks. , ME to ME at school - Health of Mrs Honora E - ME to complete an Arabian tale 16. , ME to Mrs Ruxton - Mrs Honora E's desperate state - ME at home - Emmeline with Thomas Day - the other children 18.

MS 10166/7 (1-128); Correspondence and Papers, 1724-1795. 1766, Fly leaf of a Bible belonging to Charlotte Sneyd giving names and dates of birth of her family 4. - description of house, household arrangements and family expenses - education of a child [? , RLE to Mrs Ruxton - Mrs Honora E's illness hope to go to Bristol 19.

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