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She's very social and talks to everyone, your either her friend and her enemy, there's no in between.

Displays her emotions on her face and is very expressive.

Wears a simple snug black tee shirt and blue jeans with black shoes, held up by a worn black leather belt.

Master slave chat room

High cheekbones were graced with long lashes, her skin tan and riddled with the occasional scar.

Said flesh carries many tattoo’s, ranging from a crescent moon on the palm of her hand, the Celtic band around her wrist making a delicate bracelet, to the permanent belly chain low on her hips.

Though most of his people were wiped out, and he as far as he knows is the last of his kind.

Even though he has this much power dwelling inside him, he has grown too afraid to fight back and escape, as well as he has not had proper training.

Bio:born in the eighties, justin is very distasteful of the new trends and values older days, even those long before his time.

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