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NLP “How To Get Over Your Ex” Tool #3: one of the problems with getting over an ex is the false belief that you’ll never find anyone better.We can get vulnerable to our ex’s good qualities (and they do have them) when we get lonely or run pictures on our mental screen of being alone.With addiction, the first step in recovery is admitting that you have a problem.

No one wants to feel upset or depressed, pathetic or desperate.

You haven’t been attracted to jerks because you like being neglected or being treated like crap. Do you feel like he is better than you or somehow cooler or worth more?

Solution: Drop those old internal “home movies” of all the good times to the lower left hand corner of your internal screen, shrink ’em down and make them disappear. Now pull up the reel of all the selfish, annoying, frustrating, unnacceptable things you experienced that caused you two to be “Ex’s” in the first place and put them on an endless loop right in front of you, close, and bright.

Guaranteed you’ll stop thinking of all the “wonderful” times.

They tell you 7 nice things you “should” do that if you really did do them would definitely help you. In the midst of an emotional storm these “sensible” and “logical” bits of advice basically get lost.

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