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However, this is not stated until after they have completed the questionnaire. You could join a site and pay a lot of money to get the same rejection you'd get in a bar.

Known reasons for rejection are because the user is already married, is younger than 60 and has been married more than four times, is under the minimum age of 21, provides inconsistent answers in the profile or fails its "dysthymia scale." So it sounds like the system may have rejected the OP because it determined he could have depression. If you don't do well in bars or church and such, is there any reason to believe you'd do better online?

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Neither would two straight people wanting to hook up for sex. In fact e Harmony has a gay site called Compatable Partners. I am a gay male and dating for gay people is just not the same. If e Harmony rejected you, count your blessings you saved money and find a site that will take you.

Think about it they are saying "We don't want your money." This is a good thing. I just logged back in and reopened my account to see what would happen (giving my SO a bit of a startle in the process, hehe), and it has accepted me and offered me matches despite the fact that I have self-identified as non-religious.

And this is why targeted online dating and social networking sites are a godsend!

The sites listed on this page hope to make it easier for Atheists, Agnostics & 'Free Thinkers' to find one another online.

You can't meet someone just by looking at the homepage, so join..start having fun! Agnostic Dating Site If you know the difference between being Agnostic and being Atheist (and you identify as Agnostic), then this is the site for you.

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