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The show never got off the ground at all and wound up limping along throughout the 2007-2008 television before being put out of its misery.The show today, made no major changes to the show, except for its host and its set.

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This really didn't look like a set that resembled "Love Connection".

Gone were the hearts that the people sat on or in the background above the host and dater, and gone were all the nice colors that the site exhumed.

Out of those 22,000 couples, 29 got married, 8 got engaged and 15 had children. Now, with the show being revived in 1998, they weren't going to get Chuck Woolery. He was busy helping create couples on the revival of The Dating Game.

It only seemed natural for Chuck to do this since nobody remembered any dating show host aside from Chuck in the 70s or 80s.

So, who did the powers that be get to fill in for Chuck? The bane of my existence on this website, Pat Bullard was selected to host. He was annoying, he wasn't funny, and he seemed more to get himself over with the television audience rather than putting the focus on the dates and the people themselves.

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