Purolator tracking number not updating

What to do if Purolator tracking not updating for a long time?

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Please Contact us, If you have problem with Puro Post Tracking.

Other Similar Tracking options You may Want ( Click on it to Track status ) I found out today after going back to the post office to complain, that it’s states “suggested” delivery date! If it’s not going to arrive earlier than the regular time, why am I paying extra money?? The Rep at the counter states the pricing info odor regular delivery and for if you want your letter/package expedited.

Is this something that needs to be setup with Purolator directly?

You can always be sure that everything you see while using Purolator trackin — just essential and up-to-date data.

I am not familiar with how Purolator works, will my client have to print a shipping label? Purolator Tracking It's hard to imagine someone, who's never used Purolator package tracking option at least once.

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