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BEST SHOW ON SUNDAY’S1OAK at Mirage - Las Vegas Excellent show, I seen him twice. Amazing1OAK at Mirage - Las Vegas This is my 2nd visit to see Matt he is absolutely amazing the best show in Vegas , he is entertaining and captures the audience with his personal stories , he also personally acknowledges every person in the room. Wishing you all a very nice and happy day or evening!!Excellent energy, beautiful performer, A must see if your are in town on Sunday’s! Am just gutted he’s only performing once this week while I’m here on holiday from the UK. XOXAmazing show Caesar's Palace - Las vegas I treated myself to a trip to Vegas for my 40th birthday.What is laughable is how impressed he is with himself, as evidenced by all the inside jokes, mugging and smirking with his fellow performers.

We got chatting to other people in there and made some new friends too - the atmosphere was very friendly.

The show itself is very engaging and whilst the ladies are swooning over Matt, he has cleverly provided something for the guys to look at too - the lovely Dirty Virgins - Matt's backing dancers.

I am man, I like to Box, I like to drink to good scotch, I like to wear fine tailored suits and more than anything - I love to sing my ass off.

I was influenced so deeply by my granddads choice of music, Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, and Perry Como all these great singers and I have found my own influences in Danny Hathaway, to me these are soul singers that do swing…

Matt is in his 40’s, aging pretty well; despite that - I think his hair is looking ‘unusually good’ especially his hair line, he’s quick to deny having any work done on his hair or anywhere else for that matter, but he was mighty enthusiastic on the subject.

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