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For guests, we help eliminate any questions with information on how to fill out wedding RSVP cards without frustrating the host. “Many guests forget to write their names on the response cards, which leaves a couple wondering who the mystery guests is,” says Tessa.

Read the entire wedding RSVP etiquette guide or skip to a section below: An RSVP card kindly asks your invitees to “répondez, s’il vous plaît,” which is where the four letters from R. “Use an invisible black light ink marker ($5 on Amazon) to write the guests’ initials on the back of each RSVP card.

According to Tessa, a couple should wait one week after the due date before calling the guests for a verbal response.

While your close friends and family are likely to respond immediately, not everyone has the same enthusiasm or focus.

The thing I like best about RSVP is that it allows you to send a "wink" or short message, and then allows the other person to choose a pre-set message to decline safely and politely, without fear of backlash. I had 2 memberships over past 2 years had used multiple stamps so far on Time Wasters or Fakes....

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