Showgroups not updating

This leads me to confess that I’ve created yet another misleading title. I’m trying to get away from group email, that’s why we’re using Teams in the first place!As we’ve already covered, when you create a Microsoft Team you will also always get an Office 365 Group unless it is deactivated. The shared Team One Note, Planner, calendar, and file storage make sense, but what are we supposed to do with this mailbox? The reality is that creating a new Team is the best and easiest way to go, but that’s not really possible if you’ve already invested time in building out your Office 365 Groups.

Showgroups not updating

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Much like the battle between the titular characters in Batman v Superman, the title of this piece is misleading – albeit a common misconception.

This means Sally has inadvertently created a new “Sales” Group that serves a similar purpose, and likely has a similar name to the “Sales” Group Bob was already in.

That’s a problem as we now have potential duplication and naming confusion. Imagine if Sally’s new Team/Group wasn’t detected straightaway and carried on with adding content, conversations, and Team members!

Not knowing that the Group exists, Sally goes out and creates a “Sales” Team.

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