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It wasn’t trying to duplicate an American, British, or Swedish show.The guy was a little lost, sort of like how Lena Dunham represents her generation a bit, and it was about how young Parisians are stuck between two worlds, which kind of represents the whole malaise of French society, with France not knowing how to define itself in the new, global, neoliberal era.I had to show my boss how to download it on i Tunes, she wanted to see it so badly. Americans love it, like, “Ooh, the French do storytelling.” But it’s not as well done as they may think.

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Communication with a number of people, rather than having to go back and forth between chats, with the premise being that you can make plans swiftly.

Unfortunately it does none of these things, as when anyone suggests something to do it's always met with a flurry of "maybes", or "not sure", or maybe even "can't, with the missus". You might be the plan maker, or the banterless one, the elusive one, the one with the girlfriend, the impartial one or the constant victim of abuse.

" Meanwhile Jack has sparked relationship rumours with Joanna Chimonides.

All in all the group chat was made to make things easier.

It’d be set in an apartment building with people from all walks of life — a Muslim, a delinquent, a Jew, a feminist woman.

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