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The food is served in a beautiful, historic 19th century dining room.First dates will be floored at the elegant, class, and tantalizing food at The Deadwood Social Club.The menu features unique options such as burgers like the ½ pound Black Hills buffalo burger, pasta dishes like bison maytag marsala mushroom, salads like the butter bacon truffle, entrees, and an “indecision menu” in which the chefs pick options based on the customer’s individual tastes.

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Patrons can choose between unique rooms like an aunt’s condo, a bank heist, a serial killer’s trap, amnesia after a night of partying in Las Vegas, and escaping the zombie apocalypse.

This is definitely a hands on date that will make an impression on both people.

The bowling alley also serves food like pizzas, candy, French fries, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese balls, and apple sticks.

Conveniently located inside the famous Saloon #10 in downtown Deadwood, the Deadwood Social Club serves delicious Italian cuisine as well as South Dakota favorites, and a wine and martini bar with over 200 different bottles of wine and over 100 types of martinis.

Escape 605 has two convenient locations in Sioux Falls, one in Westport and the other at Empire Mall.

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