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“One thing I have learned in six records and 10 years is that I’m not obliged to answer any questions — a lesson I more or less only recently learned.” She stared into the bar, fixing a grim expression through her orange aviators.

“Next question.”At any rate, the song is a whole story.

It calls back to the title track of her 2007 debut Marry Me, about “John” who’s “a rock with a heart like a socket I can plug into at will”; and to “Prince Johnny,” the decadent downtown royal from St. She said she feels compassion and hopelessness for his self-destruction, but can’t judge because she’s just like him.

Maybe he’s also a cipher for the way humans use each other — Clark flatly refused to talk about him.

Vincent — but the writing’s proggy complexity was cockblocking the emotion. I had no idea.”Clark is much too self-aware for this to be completely true.

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