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When setting up a build definition, I will use a file share like this in the settings: \contoso.local\Symbols In my particular example below, I have a single server that has both the application tier components and the data tier components.

SQL Analysis Services is also installed on the same server.

This helps out with rollback plans in case the upgrade was not successful.

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Check with your DNS administrator to discuss which format should be used.

Be sure to use fully-qualified DNS names especially for those clients that use VPN or have remote offices.

I have been terrible trouble recently trying to get SQL Server Reporting working for TFS (Team Foundation Server).

There are a lot of moving parts and if any aren't in sync, then it doesn't work.

This has helped extremely to make for a smooth transition for administrators & end users when needing to move TFS to a new hardware environment, upgrading TFS to a new version, or in several disaster recovery scenarios.

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