Thermoluminescence dating accuracy

A literature comparison between all previously published dose-rate conversion factors is presented and their Historical Mean (HM) values are calculated.

The standard deviation from the HM is introduced as a measure of the fluctuation in individual updates.

The earliest Middle Stone Age assemblages come from eastern and southern Africa but date much earlier 5–7. The luminescence dating of lithic surfaces inheres a dual...

more The paper presents the preliminary results of the excavations of 2017 season at the Mycenaean site of Kastrouli, Phokis. Background subtracted glow curves were recorded up to 480°C for TL after a preheat of 220°C for 120 s.

It attempts as well a preliminary interpretation of the data obtained during the 2016 season,now based on the first results of the still ongoing archaeometric A. A‐values were determined for all TL and p IRIR measurements.

In this publication there is shown its usefulness in earthenware objects from different historical periods.

The oldest examined monument was Pomeranian culture...

These remains had been excavated close to Bergisch Gladbach, which was at that time part of Germania magna.

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