Top 10 questions to ask a girl before dating

Now you’re focused on fun, positive experiences, and the conversation will perpetuate itself.As a result, she’ll associate the elevated mood she experiences with talking to you. You’re also getting a small window into her overall life by asking her what the best part of her week is.Compare that with “what was the best part of your week?

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“What’s the thing you most want to do with your life?

” Yes, this is a question about her bucket list, which can be rote and sometimes intimidating.

I get it — it can be really hard to know how to break the ice and start a conversation.

And once you do get a conversation started, it can be difficult to keep the conversation moving forward.

After all, who shares vulnerability with people they don’t like? ” Think of this question as a targeted way of asking where she grew up and what her childhood was like.

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