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The second Appa lands, Aang is in the house with the rest of us quickly following.

Someone's here" Toph smiles as she goes to the door. Iroh quickly pulls out his gag and the guard spills.

A/N: Those of you who have read my other ATLA fanfics know that Maiko -- Mai/Zuko, my precious emo warriors -- is my OTP. ""Just tell her it's the Boomerang Guy," Sokka said, quietly backing away. Sokka seemed aggravated with something and no amount of subtle prodding could get him to talk. She would probably find him - because that was her thing, if her presence there was to teach him anything - but if he could get far enough away from civilization, he could use his firebending and gain a fighting chance."Sokka. "She's taking it better than I expected.""Yeah, great, whatever." Zuko rolled his eyes. She stretched out leisurely, propping her hands behind her head. " Toph shouted back, throwing a man easily three times her weight clear across the room.

What you might not know is that Zukka -- Sokka/Zuko, my beautiful dork sons -- is the crack ship that lives in my shame basement. My writing for this story was meant to be humor-bordering-on-crack but then a plot snuck its way in and that plan went to hell so now the beginning is mostly humor that slowly shifts toward humor/drama. Zuko assumed it had something to do with the war and decided to let it go. "Just get me out of here or I'm dumping you.""Yes, dear." -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Sokka -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- Toph would not stop laughing. Zuko knew she was using earthbending, but it was still damn impressive."That's fair." Zuko jumped and kneed a man in the face. " Sokka got up to get the board, only for Zuko to grab his arm as he tried to escape the awkward situation."I hate pai sho, now sit down." Zuko tugged him back onto the couch."You hate everything.""I don't hate you.""...

But believe me when I tell you that there is good inside him." "Sokka" Saki pleds, before looking at the boy. " I growl "Why would Azula work with the lights of him? "Please, Sokka and I are pretty much siblings, so nothing to worry about, hes all yours" Saki giggled.

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