Tried updating iphone to 5 0

Connect the i Phone to your computer using a Lightning cable.

If you get asked to trust the computer tap on yes on your i Phone.

If you're on the fence, here's one of the best reasons to install i OS 12.4.1.

The device will restart two, or maybe three times, and then you will be able to complete the setup.

You can now enter your Apple ID password and complete any setup steps needed.

For example: Change (for each): Analyzing dependencies Downloading dependencies Using Alamofire (4.4.0) Using Firebase (4.0.0) Using Firebase Analytics (4.0.0) Using Firebase Auth (4.0.0) Using Firebase Core (4.0.0) Using Firebase Crash (2.0.0) Using Firebase Database (4.0.0) Using Firebase Instance ID (2.0.0) Using Firebase Messaging (2.0.0) Using Firebase Storage (2.0.0) Using GTMSession Fetcher (1.1.10) Using Google Toolbox For Mac (2.1.1) Using Protobuf (3.3.0) Generating Pods project Integrating client project Sending stats Pod installation complete!

There are 8 dependencies from the Podfile and 13 total pods installed Podfile platform :ios, '10.0' # ignore all warnings from all pods inhibit_all_warnings! def pods pod 'Firebase/Core' end Terminal pod --version 1.3.1 pod update Cocoa Pods 1.5.3 is available.

There are 8 dependencies from the Podfile and 13 total pods installed.

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