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This has helped to develop the personality that characterizes the residents of our great city — we are bold but friendly, charming but determined, gracious but firm.It is that sense of community-wide personality that also makes Raleigh one hell of a town for hooking up and to enjoy the casual encounter lifestyle.Once you come back to civilization, grab an early dinner or take-out at Clyde Cooper's BBQ.

• Get Trapped in a Room with a Zombie - Okay, it doesn't sound very romantic, but it's actually a lot of fun!

At Raleigh Room Escapes, there are actually three themed rooms, which visitors must work together to find their way out of within an hour…or before they get eaten by the zombie.

Something that you cannot discount so easily is numbers — stats to be more precise.

As you may know, in Raleigh we have over 1.3 million inhabitants.

They've also got a full bar with a delicious selection of specialty cocktails and premium liquor.

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