Updating maps on navman

When complete closed all other windows (navdesk still open/active gps still connected) and ran navdesk update exe, when update finished selected restart later, closed all windows (safely remove hardware) gps and moved slider to reset once unit had booted to accept/decline screen, shut down PC.

updating maps on navman-5

carbon dating theory - Updating maps on navman

I just purchased one of these systems and I can't seem to find the activation key. There are some numbers on the back of the installation disc but it one letter/number too short.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but UBD (and Gregory's) has been owned by Sensis who provide maps for Garmin and Tom Tom for nearly 6 years.

If anyones curious, Mio Pocket does work fine on MY50T series.

So if you want to unlock your MY50T's potential, knock your socks off.

Anyone else have this problem or advise as to what to try to get the 'free 3yr updates' that came with the purchase of the MY55T.

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