What do christians say about dating

While there is no guarantee that anyone we marry will not turn no matter how long they’ve been proclaiming Christ, there is a greater likely hood of more mature Christians remaining faithful to God while new converts are more likely to fall away.Therefore, to marry a new believer is putting yourself at a greater risk of marrying someone who will later turn and reveal themselves as no Christian at all.He was friendly towards them, but that is different than opening your heart to someone and forming a “friendship with the world.” While God calls us to love the world, he also commands us to guard our own hearts (Proverbs ), to be aware of the damage people can cause us who are not lovers of God (James 4:4), and to “not be misled: ‘Bad company corrupts good character’” (1 Corinthians ).

While God forgives us of our sins and turns our evil mistakes into good through the gospel of Jesus Christ, there are still natural consequences that remain.

(For example: With gluttony, the fat calories are going to negatively affect your body even though God forgives you for this sin when you repent.) Therefore, if someone does missionary date and it “works out,” while God was pleased to use his grace to create a good end result, there will be negative consequences to bear for the sinful means that were taken.

Missionary Dating is Not Needed Because God is More than Able Missionary dating is not needed because God is able to give you a spouse and save people without deviating from his word.

While God may save someone through missionary dating, he is also able to save through many other healthy means.

We should date for fun, friendship, personality development and selection of a mate, not to be popular or for security.

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