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It was very much what you heard in the majority of the Bill Cosby depositions. I literally felt like every bit of me had been taken away from me.

She has lived all over the United States and Canada, following her hockey father, in the cities of Detroit, Ft.

Lauderdale, New Jersey and Los Angeles, which is where her parents currently live.

At the age of 12, Melanie's parents divorced and after two years of moving back and forth between her Mom and Dad's house, she had to face a tough decision. One almost has to be thick-skinned in order to survive in this industry. Every subsequent job interview questioned her integrity: I'd be the first (and certainly not the last) to say that these experiences were undeserved, unfair, and unimaginably harsh especially for a woman like Melanie; poised, smart, kind, hard-working, and mindful. Further in the conversation, I share my experiences dating a Hockey Player and how that affected my job, my behavior, and future opportunities.

I've seen a lot of women come and go in this industry. And even fewer who've gone through troubled waters during the early stages of their career, coming out as a survivor. With our Truth we want to create the space for the future generation of young women to have equal opportunity, success, and respect in our industry. For being candid, honest, kind, and open-hearted as we weaved through this conversation.

Josh and I have kept in contact over the years and when I saw him Speaking His Truth on Good Morning America I reached out. Because of this incident.”This conversation is HEAVY. That was his first taste of fame on a different level."...moving to New York City with my Dad, I remember getting followed by the New York Post and the NY Daily News, and different newscasters asking me questions, getting my phone number asking questions about (you know) what’s my dad doing? But in the past year or so, his name was in headlines for a different and devastating reason. Complete no recollection except for bleeding from my anus.”He spent the following day trying to put the pieces together.“It’s shock and disbelief.

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