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That this kind of energy gives you more than a private or normal friendship?

Doro Pesch: Yes, I fell in love with music when I was about three years old.

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Doro has been in the rock business since 1983 when she started out with a band called Warlock — recording a couple of demos before releasing their debut album ‘Burning The Witches’.

Doro was born under the Gemini sign, and while I can’t tell you what her personal weaknesses or strengths are, I do know that she has constantly recorded music throughout the years (over 30 albums, including best of’s) including five excellent DVD’s which give you a look into the world of the female metal singer from Dusseldorf, Germany who started as a young girl in a metal man’s world and eventually become the one and only ‘Metal Queen’.

I think about what I have to do next, which city I have to drive to…

and it’s very easy to be motivated when I see the crowd at my shows.

Maybe the years of travelling and discovering as a kid helped form Doro’s character — even her illness (tuberculosis) of the age of sixteen, where she laid in a hospital for almost a year, only made her stronger.

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