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The decisions I’m making right now are going to affect me for a long time, and I just want to make the right one.' She messes up a lot as we all do.

She gets herself out of trouble, but I think we played it really realistically and honestly with the relationships and friendships we had together. We dealt with some real moments, and we shed some tears. I give that all to [creator and executive producer] David Holden. One of the great things about the series was, through it all, Gabi never changed who she was. I don’t even know where I see myself in 10 years, let alone where I see Gabi.

We’re excited to see if we will come back for season two. What else can you say about that and what you think would be included in it? I want to see them get married and have Gabi sort of solidify her career a little bit more and figure out if this job in Seattle is going to work. It probably got painted over, but I kind of hid it in a spot. It seems like a weird thing to remember, but when you’re walking around, and your feet hurt for eight hours, it’s hard to forget them.

When you look forward with the relationship of Josh and Gabi, what do you want to see in this movie plot to bring closure? Maybe have Josh take a back seat in his career to have her shine. We really didn’t get a chance to take anything, but I didn’t really need to.

With Gabi and Sofia, they were strongly career-oriented and still loved going out and meeting guys and having relationships.

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