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Question: Are you afraid of being typecast since "The Last Don"? They provide a wider perception of range for myself as an actor. Jason Gedrick: It's a waiting game and it's making me a little anxious, but for the most part I'm OK with it, because it took over a year to get it going.

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The actioner Iron Eagle followed (1986): avid video-gamer Doug (Jason) rescues his dad from Islamic terrorists, with a little help from an older pilot (Louis Gossett Jr.), who is distraught over the many kids that he has seen die over the years, and isn't about to watch Doug die, too. Promised Land (1987): Davey (Jason) and Danny (Kiefer Sutherland) pursue an elite-working class friendship through high school and failed marriages.

Teen magazines paid some attention to him, displaying his dark, sultry pout and lean muscles.

Jason Gedrick: The character is extremely focused and understated, and I have some qualities that are fractions of what he is. Joe is a great inspiration for anyone as an example to dedicate their lives to something they believe in. Kelley was very generous for dropping that opportunity in my lap, so to speak. "Backdraft" was another great experience -- it was a bunch of actors who can get accustomed to being pampered.

Question: Are you planning on making another appearance on "Ally Mc Beal"? Question: Hi, Jason, I loved you since I first saw "Iron Eagle" and haven't missed anything you've been in since. Working with Ron Howard, everyone checked their egos and had fun.

And we saw more of Jason's body in the nude shower scene. He apparently moved into television, playing a college boy in Class of 96 (1993), a Hollywood star accused of killing a teenage girl in Murder One (1995-96), and an ex-con trying to go straight in EZ Streets (1996-97), plus significant roles Desperate Housewives, Luck, Necessary Roughness, and Dexter. But in 2007, for old time's sake, I saw Jason in Kings of South Beach (2007).

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