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The couple were engaged for four months before registering for marriage last August. In 2018 they starred in the drama The Legend of Jasmine."Pregnancy is a very laborious process for women- The actor stated- but happiness is something you fight for".“For the LGBT community, it is but a dream to share in the same human dignities as you, to live full and proper lives. I hope that you will look past the security barricades and ID checks and see – if only for an afternoon – that there is more to life than the darkness of the closet, that there are people out there who care.

If you do not stand up yourself, you cannot expect others to fight for you.

This is your moral duty.” Last week, he took on a more cheerful tone, but remained insistent that everyone should attend.

Unfortunately, her newfound skills might have been for convenience's sake since it effects a cooler action sequence.

And as expected, Bijun relegates back to the perpetual damsel in distress in subsequent episodes wonder why they bothered to give her martial arts skills. Because Bijun's strength is in her passion and quiet resolve, and clearly not her ability to defend herself so a fighting Bijun that is kidnapped time and again makes her not the brightest bulb on the porch.

The following morning, Xiao Shi Yi Lang and Si Niang set their sights on the legendary Deer Carver Sabre that is guarded by the Shen Household.

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